What is offside bet? Tips to play offside bet effectively

What is offside bet
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What is offside bet? Do you know about this attractive type of betting in football? Perhaps many of you who are long-time football fans will have the answer, but for newbies, this is a fairly new concept. And the content of today’s article that BWINPH brings will answer all the questions surrounding this offside betting subject.

A few words about offside bet

A few words about offside bet

First, if you want to know what offside is, we must clarify the concept of offside in football first. Offside is a concept used to express the general state of one or more players, and a player who falls into an offside position must meet the following criteria:

  • Must stand below the last player in the opposing team’s defense line
  • The player waiting to score or dribbling to score.
  • And this player will receive the ball from players in the corresponding position.

Once you understand the concept of offside, let’s clarify the concept of offside. This is a type of bet that revolves around players falling into an offside state or things related to it. In general, people who watch matches will place bets around the topic according to the regulations of the betting intermediary, the bookie, or a direct agreement between the two parties.

Popular offside bet

Popular offside bet

Understanding what offside bets are is not difficult, the difficulty is knowing how to play as well as the popular types of offside bets that are of interest to and favored by many bettors. Similar to other types of bets in football, offside also has quite a few types of bets, with extremely attractive rewards for players. So what are those offside bets and what are the rules of the game, let’s find out.

Offside Over/Under

Offside Over/Under is a form of betting that will be based on the number of offside errors of both teams in a match. Over/Under is too familiar, your task is to guess whether the number of offside errors of both teams will be higher or lower than the number of errors that the bookie will specify as the offside rule in this betting and of course the result will be calculated as follows.

  • If the number of errors is greater, the result is considered over and whoever bets will win.
  • Conversely, if the number of errors is smaller, the person who bets under will win.

Offside Handicap

A type of bet that is popular with many players is the offside handicap. It is similar to other football handicaps, which means that we will compare the offside errors of the two teams, but based on the strength that the bookie assesses, they can give the number of offside errors to the team they want. Your task is to analyze and calculate which team has more or less offside errors when you have made the handicap.

Experience in betting on offside

If you want to play well, you not only need to understand the concept of what offside betting is and how many ways to play, but you also need to have a lot of experience in betting. And if you are new and want to try this type of bet but are hesitant and afraid that you do not have enough experience. The content we are about to send is the key to shortening the period of accumulating playing experience for you.

Learn about the team

Betting on football without learning about the two competing teams is considered a failure from the first round. Learning about the players, their positions, the coach, their achievements, understanding the offside rule, etc. is very necessary to make a bet. If you want to predict the odds accurately and effectively, these are the things you need to know in the palm of your hand.

Choose a bookmaker to play odds

Choose a bookmaker to play odds

Today, the form of betting odds has opened a new page, which is the online game or also known as online. This is a form of play that is favored by many brothers because of the quality and service that the betting intermediary brings. However, to play, you need to have the following criteria for choosing a bookmaker:

  • Reputation and safety are the first criteria for choosing a bookmaker.
  • Licensed to operate, with a transparent and clear headquarters. Do not give ambiguous terms about the rules and regulations of the game.
  • Implement many preferential policies, promotions and increase the winning rate for bettors.


And the content of the article on what is offside betting and tips for playing offside bet types are all shared very carefully in the content above. Hopefully you can understand this subject. Wish you will always have great moments of experience with this type in sports

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